CBD and Sleep: Josh's Experience

CBD and Sleep: Josh's Experience

In previous blog posts we’ve talked a lot about how CBD can aid in fighting anxiety or unwanted pain—two things that it’s absolutely magnificent at. However, we have yet to touch on one of its greatest benefits—CBD is an amazing way to fight insomnia. To aid in understanding how helpful of a sleep aid CBD is, I’ve decided to share my experience with this natural cure.

Will CBD cure the author’s insomnia when all other methods had failed? Read on to find out (spoiler alert: it does)!

Self-Portrait of the Author as an Insomniac

Hi, my name is Josh. In addition to being the author of this blog, I’m an avid hiker, lover of learning languages, and amateur oil painter. Oh, and I used to have a lot of trouble sleeping. Everyone say, “Hi, Josh.”

Jokes aside, as a full-time college student that was trying to keep an active social life and part-time job (in addition to an international pandemic), I was often overwhelmed by stress. This stress materialized as insomnia. As soon as my head hit the pillow, my mind was struck by an endless deluge of thoughts and feelings that I had set aside throughout the day. Thoughts like “did I forget to turn in that last essay” or “did that girl really mean what she said” would plague my mind and keep sleep far off on the horizon. I’d typically end up with four or five hours a night—not an awful amount of sleep, but not nearly as much as I should have been getting.

So, I tried a few different methods of repairing my sleep schedule. The first was to establish a nightly routine, so as to remind my body that it was time to sleep. Every night I would log off my devices an hour before bed and have one last snack—usually a bowl of cereal or a grilled cheese. Then I’d brush my teeth, wash my face, read for a second, and hop in bed. On top of this, I stopped spending time in my bedroom during the day, because I’ve heard that keeping your living and sleeping spaces separate is a big help. 

As you might guess, this didn’t help. The ritual was nice, however, and has remained part of my schedule—mainly because it gave me time to reflect on the day and think about what I needed to do the next day. I also noticed that my stress levels had gone down considerably! Unfortunately, sleep was still elusive.

Next, I tried melatonin. For those who have never needed to venture into the wide world of sleep aids, melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that regulates your body’s sleep-wake cycle. Scientists discovered how to isolate the chemical and it’s now purchasable in tablet form. The tablets I bought were strawberry flavored, but they just reminded me of the chewable Tylenol you take as a kid.

I started with a small dose of melatonin, about 2mg, and didn’t notice any change. I gradually upped it to 10mg—what most people consider the highest recommended dose. While I did notice that I had less trouble falling asleep, I found that I would still wake up multiple times throughout the night. Honestly, there are few things more frustrating than falling asleep at 11:00, then waking up and seeing that the clock reads 11:45. At that point it’s more of a series of power naps than a restful night’s sleep.

At this point I had gone a few months without a full night’s sleep, and I was finally getting desperate. I was opposed to going the prescription medication route because I knew that the side effects wouldn’t be worth the rest. I also didn’t want the added stress of scheduling a doctor’s appointment every time I needed a refill. 

CBD – An Insomniac’s Best Friend

Then, I looked into CBD. I had heard about it in passing but had always been a little hesitant to try it out. Growing up in a very traditional community, alternative forms of medicine were never on my radar. I’m the type of person that likes to be completely present in the moment, and I worried that CBD would give me the high that other forms of cannabis does. Thankfully, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

 I finally decided to give CBD a shot—specifically the Farmer & Chemist All is Gel with Melatonin. This product is designed specifically with sleep in mind. The CBD and melatonin work together in such a way that they simultaneously relax your body and give a boost to your naturally occurring melatonin. After a few days of consistently taking one of these soft gels, I began to fall asleep at a good time and sleep consistently through the night. On top of this, my mood improved, and my stress began to fade away like snow melting at the end of a cold winter.

Thanks to the CBD/melatonin combo, I finally started getting the restful night’s sleep I was looking for. From a completely objective standpoint, I can’t recommend this product (or anything from Farmer & Chemist) enough to anyone with sleep issues. CBD took my insomnia and let it slowly dissolve through its fingers, turning it into a thing of the past. However, it’s important to note that I was consistent in my usage. You’ll see the best results only if you’re consistent in your consumption and use the pharmacist-recommended dosage.

If you have any more questions about Farmer & Chemist’s All is Gel with Melatonin, or any of our other products, don’t hesitate to drop us a message on Instagram (@farmer_and_chemist) or stop by! There’s nothing we love talking about more than CBD.

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