You, Me & CBD

Listen and learn from the Pharmacists, Chemist, and top notch guests about the benefits of CBD. Purchasing CBD can be daunting at first, but we're here to ensure that you find the product best suited to your needs. Farmer & Chemist is committed to elevating health and wellness by providing the highest quality CBD, THC free products on the market and giving you access to expert pharmacists. What makes Farmer & Chemist different? We have Pharmacists on staff to answer your questions.

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S1, E1... The one where CBD may help curb anxiety:

S1, E2... The one where we talk about Farmer & Chemist:

S1, E3... The one where we talk about CBD and dosing for Humans and pets:

S1, E4... The one where we talk about CDB 101:

S1, E5... The one where we talk about the benefits of CBD and sleep: