How to Use CBD Oil for Arthritis

How to Use CBD Oil for Arthritis

If you suffer from chronic arthritis pain, you may find relief by adding CBD to your health regimen. CBD has shown several promising results when it comes to treating arthritis, including pain relief and reduced inflammation. 

How to Use CBD Oil for Arthritis

  • Decide on Treatment Method
  • Choose a Responsible Product
  • Determine Dosage
  • Consume as Directed
  • Repeat as Needed

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has gained attention in recent years for its potential as a therapeutic remedy for a wide range of health conditions, including epilepsy, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and chronic pain conditions, like arthritis. While cannabidiol, like its close cousin delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is derived from the cannabis plant, it doesn’t produce the intoxicating “high” effect typically associated with marijuana. It’s also been shown as safe for use, even in high quantities, lending it tremendous potential as a therapeutic remedy. 

Researchers believe cannabis may affect cannabinoid receptors in the brain and immune system in such a way that it may help reduce the chronic inflammation and joint pain that are common arthritis symptoms.

Does CBD Help with Arthritis Pain?

Arthritis pain affects many American adults. In fact, arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the United States, affecting around 54.4 million people. Arthritis can come in more than 100 different forms, including both rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. 

According to the Arthritis Foundation, there is anecdotal evidence indicating that people with arthritis who use CBD report noticeable pain relief, improved sleep quality, and even reduced anxiety. In addition, there are some studies that show cannabis might be a promising arthritis treatment, and some animal studies have shown both anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects related to CBD. But while the research results thus far have been encouraging, more studies are needed to understand how, exactly, CBD can help manage arthritis pain and inflammation. The Arthritis Foundation continues to lobby for this kind of documented, conclusive research.

Many people report success using cannabis to manage the joint pain associated with arthritis, though. For example, according to an August 2019 Gallup poll, approximately 14 percent of Americans reported using CBD, chiefly for the management of pain. The Arthritis Foundation also conducted a poll, which found that 29 percent of respondents reported currently using CBD, while nearly 80 percent of survey respondents had used CBD in the past, or were considering CBD for pain management.

How to Use CBD Oil Products for Arthritis

Now that we’ve talked about the research and benefits, let’s take a closer look at what you need to know if you’re considering using CBD oil to treat arthritis pain and inflammation.

Decide on Treatment Method

First, it’s important to consider cannabis as part of an overall, holistic approach to pain management—  one that also includes physical exercise and psychological support. CBD comes in many forms, so you’ll want to determine whether you’d like to start with an oral product or a CBD topical product. There are many different types of CBD products available for an arthritis patient, and the amount of CBD in them may vary. 

You may choose to take CBD oil orally, like in a CBD oil tincture or CBD capsule, or use it as a topical treatment, like CBD cream, CBD lotion, or CBD ointment. It all comes down to your own personal preference. 

Oral CBD for Arthritis 

CBD taken orally is absorbed through the digestive tract, which means absorption is a bit slower. In addition, an oral cannabis product enters the bloodstream, crossing the blood-brain barrier, which yields more whole-body systemic effects. In many cases, CBD capsules can be a good option for daily use once you have determined your optimal CBD dose. Another way to take CBD orally is to hold the oil from a CBD tincture under the tongue for 30 to 40 seconds. Typically, effects can be felt within 15 to 45 minutes. 

Topical CBD for Arthritis

CBD topical products, like lotions and balms, can be applied directly to the skin over painful joint areas. Used in this way, the cannabis product will only affect the treated area. Some CBD topical products for arthritis may also include over-the-counter ingredients, like capsaicin, menthol, or camphor, which can provide additional pain relief. Most patients report feeling the effects of topical CBD products within 10 to 15 minutes after application. There’s some indication that topical CBD products work especially well for symptoms of osteoarthritis, and are a good option for an arthritis sufferer looking for quick pain relief. 

Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about what kind of treatment method you’d like to start with, based on the type of arthritic pain and inflammation you experience, as well as any medications you’re currently taking. If you’re using a topical treatment, make sure to do a test patch on a small area of skin to make sure you don’t have any type of allergic reaction.

Choose a Responsible Product

Because CBD products are not currently regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, you’ll need to do your due diligence when it comes to choosing the right product. Some manufacturers have been shown to mislabel products, so make sure you choose a CBD product that has been independently tested for purity, potency, and safety. The product should also contain less than .3 percent THC content. 

Most reputable manufacturers will provide a certificate of analysis from third-party testing labs, which will outline exactly what’s in the product. If a company won’t disclose its certificate of analysis, then it’s best to find another retailer. 

In general, you should look for products manufactured in the United States with ingredients grown domestically. It’s also wise to avoid any company that makes any kind of overt benefit claims about its CBD product. 

Farmer & Chemist only uses hemp grown and cultivated in the United States, allowing us to verify each plant’s CBD levels, quality, and ancestry. Our products have also been tested by an independent, third-party laboratory to ensure our products are safe and high quality. Feel free to get in touch with one of our pharmacists if you have additional questions about any of Farmer & Chemist’s CBD products. 

Determine Dosage

Until fairly recently, any guidelines around how to use cannabis to manage arthritic pain was practically nonexistent. Just like so many other treatment options, the best way to determine how to best incorporate cannabis oil into your treatment regimen is to talk with your doctor or pharmacist, particularly if you’re taking any prescription medication. If you start with an oral CBD product, make sure you begin with the lowest possible dose and increase in small increments until you get the right level of relief.

The American Arthritis Foundation recommends starting an oral CBD product, under the tongue, twice a day. We typically recommend starting around 10-15 mg, but you can certainly start with less if you prefer.  If you’re not getting sufficient relief after one week of taking this dosage, then you’ll want to slowly start increasing it. It’s fairly normal for some people to need 25 mg or more.  Once you find effective relief, continue taking that dose twice daily, which will you’re your body maintain a stable level of CBD. 

Consume as Directed

This is where it’s so important to collaborate with your physician or pharmacist before adding CBD to your arthritis treatment regimen. They not only help you understand CBD dosage recommendations, but they can also answer questions about how CBD may interact with other medications you’re taking and any potential side effects to watch out for.

In general, CBD has been shown to be safe, even in large quantities, but its mild side effects can include dry mouth, fatigue, nausea or diarrhea, and a drop in appetite. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you have any questions on how to take CBD, how much CBD to take, or how often to take CBD. 

Repeat as Needed

Once you’ve determined the ideal dosage of CBD for arthritis pain relief, it’s important to also work with your doctor or pharmacist to determine how often to repeat the dosage. 

Some physicians may direct you to repeat the dosage when your joint pain begins to return. Others may want you to take a dosage of CBD at regular intervals. Depending on the CBD dosage, treatment method, and your level of joint pain, your doctor or pharmacist can help you determine the dosing schedule that provides the most relief. 

Where to Buy CBD Oil for Arthritis 

While inflammatory arthritis is a painful condition to live with, there are relief remedies available to help you manage the condition. CBD is particularly promising, with many arthritis patients reporting pain relief and reduced inflammation. 

If you’re ready to add CBD to your arthritis treatment regimen, consider one of Farmer & Chemist’s premium CBD wellness products. We carry CBD tinctures, CBD gummies, and a wide variety of CBD topical products. All U.S. orders more than $75 qualify for free shipping, and our pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are standing buy, ready to help you find a CBD for arthritis treatment option. 

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