Dogs and CBD

Dogs and CBD


While there’s no denying that CBD works wonders for humanity, people often wonder if the same benefits extend themselves to pets. After all, our furry friends suffer from anxiety just as much as we do, even if they may not be able to articulate it. They might also suffer from chronic pain, or other ailments that accompany the canine aging process. On top of possible anxiety and pain, so many pets have an overabundance of energy that can lead to unfortunate situations. 

Take a road trip, for example. You might be looking forward to a long weekend exploring the narrow canyons of Zion National Park, or else taking a relaxing vacation to the beaches of southern California. You want to bring the whole family with you—including the dog. While long car rides have the potential to be anxiety inducing for everyone, they can be twice as stressful for dogs. This rise in stress leads to dogs reacting in unexpected ways. They might bark loudly, jump around the back seat, or even throw up all over your freshly vacuumed trunk. Suddenly, your road trip has gone from a relaxing adventure to something far more demanding.

Thankfully, CBD provides us with a great way to help dogs relax and feel relief. Just like humans, dogs have an inherent endocannabinoid system (ECS) that interacts with the canine’s nervous system, helping maintain homeostasis and regulate the animal’s body. As a cannabinoid itself, CBD interacts with the dog’s ECS, providing a natural boost to aid in what the ECS is already doing. For a little more information, check out this article by Robert J. Silver, a doctor of veterinary medicine.

How can CBD benefit your dog? 

Just as with humans, there are a plethora of benefits for CBD in canines, including:

  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Relieving chronic pain
  • Reducing chronic inflammation associated with aging
  • Calming and providing relaxation
  • Improving appetite

All great benefits! But what is the best way to provide your dog with their CBD? Unfortunately, paws don’t really lend themselves to twisting open a jar of soft gels. Here at Farmer & Chemist, we have two different options for you.

 Ruff Dayz

The first option is Ruff Dayz. These broad-spectrum CBD dog chews are specially designed to help your pup slow down, relax, and feel better. Ruff Dayz chews are a convenient size, and the beef flavoring ensures that your dog won’t shy away from chowing down and chilling out. 

I’m fortunate enough to live with a dog that loves Ruff Dayz. S’more (named so because her fur is the color of a toasted marshmallow) is a bundle of golden fur that suffers from pretty bad anxiety. She was found wandering the streets of Arizona and was shipped to a shelter in Salt Lake before my roommate gave her a place to live. 

For a dog her size, living on the streets was undoubtedly accompanied by trauma. This is so evident in her constant-yet-subtle shaking and her desire to cuddle into your lap as often as possible. A few weeks ago, I decided to try giving her a Ruff Dayz treat as an experiment—I was curious if it would help her quivering subside for a bit. We went through our adorable routine of “sit, stay, spin, shake, roll over, etc.,” with the Ruff Dayz chew being her reward. Then, I waited to see what would happen.

It took a second for the CBD treat to kick in, but as soon as it did, a change was evident. No longer was S’more vibrating like a recently plucked guitar string—instead, she was warming herself peacefully in the sun. The change was night and day, and testifies to the effectiveness of Farmer & Chemist Ruff Dayz. Moreover, it was nice to see our girl relaxing without a care in the world for a change.

CBD Oils

Ruff Dayz works for S’more, but maybe your dog is a bit bigger. The larger the dog, the more treats you need to see the CBD take effect. And while your dog may enjoy having five or six treats, your wallet may not. Thankfully, CBD oil provides a more cost-effective alternative if your dog resembles a husky more than a chihuahua. 

Both our Steady Going and Lickety Split tinctures have been proven to be just as effective for man’s best friend as they are for man himself. If you choose to go this route, simply sprinkle your pharmacist-recommended dose over your dog’s dinner or, if your dog is patient enough, drop it directly onto their tongue. 

What are the side-effects?

Just like with humans, your dogs may experience some side-effects when they are exposed to CBD. Thankfully, these side effects are minimal and are likely more of a nuisance than anything else. They include:

  • Dry mouth
  • A slight reduction in blood pressure
  • Lethargy and drowsiness

Of course, it is important to be cautious when it comes to CBD and our furry friends. Start your pet’s regimen with low doses and continually progress to higher quantities of CBD if needed. Make sure that you pay attention to your dog’s behavior and change the doses accordingly. 

And most of all, enjoy that newfound peace on your next road trip!

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