Farmer & Chemist Gift Guide

Farmer & Chemist Gift Guide


Here in Utah snow is finally starting to fall, covering the finely manicured lawns and spruce trees with a blanket of white. Folks are digging snow gear out of the attic and dusting off the holiday recipe books that have been waiting on the shelf all year long. I don’t know about you, but there are few things I look forward to more than winter. Some of my favorite days consist of skiing and snowshoeing, followed by a mug of hot cocoa by a blazing fire (with a few drops of Cara-Melt Lickety Split, of course).

Sometimes though, winter isn’t always as peaceful as we’d like it to be. This is mainly due to one thing—the holidays. The joy of seeing family and celebrating can often be overshadowed by the stress of finding that one perfect gift. Here at Farmer & Chemist, we think the holidays should be a time to sit back with a cool glass of CBD infused eggnog and let your stress levels go down. As such, we’ve put together a gift guide, highlighting four of our favorite stress-relieving and wellness-receiving products. So, whether you light the menorah, put ornaments on the tree, or whack the Las Posadas piñata, we hope this little guide makes your winter a little more peaceful.

 Stay-At-Home Spa

Face masks are some of the most popular wellness products on the market. They smooth out your skin, rejuvenate your pores, and give you a few minutes to just lay back and relax. There’s only one thing that could make your traditional facemask better—CBD. 

Lucky for you, Farmer & Chemist’s Youth Boost face mask gives you the all-natural rejuvenation you’re looking for with the added benefit of relaxing CBD. All you have to do is remove the mask from the stylish packaging, place it on your face, and let it set for twenty to thirty minutes. While you’re waiting, take some time to reflect on the holidays, eat a snack, or just zen out. Then remove the mask and gently massage the remaining serum into your face and neck. These cellulose face masks will leave you and your face feeling as shiny and new as a certain red nosed reindeer. 

Youth Boost face masks come in two quantities. You can get three masks for $35.99 or six for $69.99. They’re the perfect gift for a friend or family member that needs a few minutes to just chill out. If you’re more into the treat yourself vibe, they’re great for that as well.

Energize Yourself

We’ve talked about how the holidays are mentally draining, but they can be pretty physically draining as well. I can be a bit of a procrastinator, truth be told, and running from store to store on Christmas Eve takes every single ounce of energy I have. Thankfully, Farmer & Chemist’s Go for Woke energy drink powder is the perfect way to get stress-relieving CBD in addition to some energizing caffeine. It’s the perfect gift for your favorite busybody. 

Go for Woke is a tropical inspired energy drink that delivers CBD, caffeine, and delicious flavor all in one. Just like a regular drink powder, you simply dump the solution into a bottle of water and shake it up. If you’re generous enough to share your Go for Woke, you can mix the powder into a pitcher and serve over ice for a revitalizing punch! It also goes great in smoothies or other blended concoctions.

Go for Woke comes in two varieties. The first is a compact box with 10 individual packets of CBD-infused powder. Each packet has 20mg of CBD, ensuring you get enough to notice a difference. The second option is a 15oz bottle—three times the amount of powder you get with the individual packets. In addition to the larger quantity, this option also allows you to portion out the servings for yourself, allowing for greater control over your CBD intake. This option runs at $129.99, as opposed to the $49.99 of the packets. But for three times the CBD and just over twice the cost, it’s an amazing choice.

 Muscle Relaxation 

The next products we’re going to look at are for all the fitness gurus and exercise junkies out there—our localized pain-relieving roll-on gels, Hot Spot and Chill Out.

First, let’s talk about Hot Spot. It’s no secret that after a long workout you can experience some serious inflammation. The same can be said for carrying your ski and snowboard gear from the car to the slopes. One of the best ways to fight this is by using Hot Spot. This conveniently portable product warms the muscles, allowing the combo of heat and CBD to work its magic and noticeably reduce inflammation in minutes. At only $27.99, Hot Spot is an inexpensive and convenient way to fight unwanted pain.

Our other roll-on product is Chill Out. While Hot Spot warms up your inflamed muscles, Chill Out does exactly what its name would suggest—it chills them out. So if you’ve been carrying gifts from the car up to the attic all day, or just don’t like the warming sensation of Hot Spot, Chill Out is an amazing option. It’s small, quick, and inexpensive (also valued at $27.99), giving you the anti-inflammatory relief you need.

Simple Sleep Aid

We already know that CBD works wonders for your anxiety and pain, but what about sleep? After all, a nap can be all you need to feel at 100% after a long day of putting up Christmas lights or frying latkes. If you know someone who is having trouble achieving that “long winter’s nap,” then Farmer & Chemist has the perfect gift for you—our All is Gel melatonin-infused soft gels.

All is Gel with Melatonin is based on the same formula as our premium tinctures, with the added bonus of naturally occurring, sleep-aiding melatonin. Each gel has 25mg of CBD and 1mg of melatonin, which work hand in hand to provide you with the best night’s sleep possible. The soft gels are also extremely easy to take: simply gulp one down with a glass of eggnog 20 minutes before bed. You’ll have no trouble sleeping through the night, even if Santa’s reindeer are pounding their hooves on the roof.

All is Gel with Melatonin comes in two quantities. You can get a pack of 10 for $47.99, or 30 for $95.99. Speaking from personal experience, I recommend getting the pack of 30. Not only do you get three times the amount for twice the price, but the little bottle can easily be repurposed into a small succulent planter or water dish for smaller pets (think for a reptile or rodent; it’s not too large)!

 Simple Gifts

There you have it, four of our favorite products that make perfect holiday gifts. Of course, you can’t go wrong with any Farmer & Chemist CBD products—they’re all pretty spectacular.

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