How does CBD differ from THC?

How does CBD differ from THC?


 As people start to get more exposed to CBD and other cannabis products, questions and concerns regarding its use are bound to arise. One of the most important questions we get asked at Farmer & Chemist is how CBD differs from THC. Both compounds originate from the cannabis plant, but how far do their similarities go? Do they affect our bodies differently, and is one more effective than the other?

Before we begin, it’s important to note that Farmer & Chemist deals specifically with CBD. We are not a dispensary, and don’t claim to be. We do, however, have a few products that contain a small, completely legal amount of THC to aid in absorption and effectiveness. We are also in the business of educating people on the details of CBD and its relatives, so as to give you the tools necessary to decide on your personal relief regimen. 

What is CBD?

We gave a more detailed rundown on CBD in one of our previous blog posts, entitled “Let’s Talk CBD.” For this post though, suffice it to say that CBD (cannabidiol) is a naturally-occurring compound extracted from cannabis plants that aids individuals with anxiety, cognition, movement disorders, and pain—all while avoiding the hypnotic and psychoactive properties of medical marijuana. 

Found primarily in hemp, CBD provides most of the calming and pain-relieving benefits of other cannabis products while avoiding any high. The discovery of CBD’s therapeutic benefits was revolutionary because it provided a way for people to feel relief from chronic pain and anxiety, all while remaining in their natural mental state. 

CBD is non-addictive, non-psychoactive, and gives you the relaxation and relief you deserve.

What is THC?

While CBD is primarily extracted from hemp plants, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is more strongly associated with marijuana. THC is the compound responsible for any intoxicating effects, or high, that you gain from cannabis products that have a high amount of THC. It binds with your body’s endocannabinoid receptors in such a way that your body attains relaxation, but your nervous system experiences something akin to an altered state of consciousness. 

It’s also important to note that THC is classified as a controlled substance by the United States while CBD is not.

If you’re interested in learning more about the science behind THC, check out this article by Live Science. 

How does CBD differ from THC?

Honestly, it can be boiled down to one distinct difference: THC gets you “high,” CBD does not.

Our body’s endocannabinoid system has two types of receptors. CBD binds with receptors in the body that are associated with well-being and relaxation, helping your body produce more endocannabinoids (the naturally occurring chemicals our body needs to maintain homeostasis). THC binds with the receptors in the brain that control pain, mood, and strong emotion, ultimately altering them and producing the psychoactive effect. That’s why THC gives you euphoric feelings while CBD does not.

For all you chemistry nerds, it’s interesting to note that CBD and THC have the same chemical formula—21 carbon atoms, 30 hydrogen atoms, and two oxygen atoms. They’re arranged differently though, which gives each compound its different chemical properties.

Does Farmer & Chemist use THC?

In the majority of our products, no. CBD by itself is usually enough to provide you with the desired benefits, whether that be localized pain relief or broader assistance with anxiety.

However, a small quantity of THC has been proven to help with absorption of CBD. THC less than 0.3% is completely legal, and in cases of chronic pain or serious anxiety it can be helpful to have the extra boost that THC provides. As such, we have a few products that feature a small quantity of THC—enough to aid in absorption, but not nearly enough to induce any intoxication. 

These products are: Steady Going Orange You Happy, Steady Going Minty Me, and our Problem Salved localized pain reliever. If you need an extra boost to your relief regimen, these products are an amazing choice!

Quick Summary

To conclude, here’s a quick rundown of how CBD and THC differ:

  • CBD will not make you high, THC will
  • CBD is not a controlled substance, THC is
  • CBD is found primarily in hemp, THC is derived from other forms of cannabis, like marijuana
  • CBD and THC have different atomic arrangements, despite having the same building blocks

At Farmer & Chemist, all our products are CBD dominant. If you’re curious to check them out, you can find more information on the respective pages on our website. Or, if you have some more questions about anything CBD, feel free to stop by the store or follow our Instagram, @farmer_and_chemist!

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