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If you’ve ever visited us at the Farmer & Chemist store, chances are you were greeted by the one and only Jason Dunn. 

Quick with a smile and even quicker with a joke, Jason is one of the first faces people see when they enter Farmer & Chemist. His friendly demeanor immediately sets customers at ease, letting them know that they came to the right place. On top of that, his knowledge of all things CBD is seemingly endless—and if you have a question he can’t answer, that won’t last long.

This week, I sat down with Jason via Zoom to ask him a few questions about both CBD and Farmer & Chemist. But first, some fun facts:

  • Jason was born and raised in great Salt Lake City, Utah—and has yet to leave.
  • He literally grew up in pharmacy, working in the family pharmacy as a young man and continuing to become a pharmacy tech. Let’s just say that he knows his stuff. 
  • Jason is an athlete. His favorite sports are basketball, golf, tennis, and running. Or, as he says, “anything that requires a ball.”

Jason, you are an original team member at Farmer & Chemist. What got you interested?

You know, a lot of the pharmacy community likes to drive opioids for pain, benzos for anxiety, and some sleep medications. A lot of these medications have side effects and can be addicting. Coming from a pharmacy background and knowing the pharmacist standpoint of education and understanding, we wanted to inform people that there are great alternatives to pain meds and pain therapy that have fewer side effects and are not addicting. There are also great alternatives for anxiety and sleep. We really like that CBD provides an alternative option. 

We started Farmer & Chemist because we saw this need, and with the popularity of CBD expanding we wanted to be the people that provided that high quality product. CBD can be great if it's used properly and if the right quality is found. And unfortunately, there's a lot of CBD out there that's not great quality. 

Why do you use CBD?

I love sports. Nothing beats sports, particularly basketball, golf, tennis, running—anything that requires a ball and running is a wonderful thing I enjoy. I like to be active.

I’m also getting older, and with that comes aches and pains. You know I like to golf—especially with my boys—and as I’ve gotten older, I can’t hit the ball as far! My back starts to hurt and certain body functions stop working when you get a little older. So, I’ve been using Problem Salved for topical pain, and it has literally been a game changer. I would not ever play golf without it!

I also use Yummy Gummies and find that they’re really helpful for sleep. I’ve never slept better! I fall asleep quickly, stay asleep through the night, and wake up feeling literally ten times more refreshed that I used to. In the past, I would wake up feeling ten times more tired than when I went to bed, but now I wake up and feel so refreshed. 

Had you used CBD or heard of it before Farmer & Chemist? 

Yes! Heard of it: for sure. CBD became a real hot buzzword. People were using it in every concoction, trying to take advantage of the newest trend. I was a little skeptical at first! It wasn’t until I tried it that I understood why it was so trendy.

I learned a lot about CBD when working with our team of experts. These people have great insights and understanding, and through our partnership I went from being not sure about CBD, to not wanting it whatsoever, to being hesitant again, and finally using it and noticing huge differences in my daily life. 

Why should people get their CBD from Farmer and Chemist?

Once, I was driving home from a small little town in southern Utah and stopped to get gas and some treats for the family. Inside the gas station, they’re selling CBD. So, I pick up the bottle and check out the product and am shocked at the amount. It was really so low that it’s not going to be worth anything!

So why Farmer & Chemist? Because in this world of CBD, you want to guarantee that you’re taking quality CBD. There are no regulations. There are some people making it in their garage, and selling things like hemp oil (sans CBD) that has absolutely no therapeutic advantage. 

Farmer & Chemist, on the other hand, is a brand you can trust. All of our products have a certificate of analysis—we are transparent about what is in our products. We are also dedicated to taking it a step further and educating our customers, because we have great information that can help people understand CBD a little better.

What is one of the most common misconceptions you hear about CBD?

There are a few, but the primary thing people ask is: does it work? 

Often, I think these people have tried CBD in the past and had no results. So, I tell them that CBD does work, depending on two factors: quality and correct dosage. They probably didn’t get a quality product, as we talked about earlier. Then, dosage is really to key to CBD. If you don’t get the right dose, you won’t get any results. There are so many products being sold out there that don’t have much CBD in them, and that’s not going to do anything for you. 

So again, education is extremely important. At Farmer & Chemist, we educate people and help them find the right dosage—because if you take the right amount and find good quality CBD, it’ll be a really great thing.


And that’s our man, Jason Dunn. For the answer to any and all questions about CBD, don’t hesitate to stop in our brick-and-mortar location at 7719 S Main Street in Midvale, Utah. One of our on-staff pharmacists is sure to have the answer. 

You can also give us a follow on Facebook or Instagram (@farmer_and_chemist)! Our DMs are always open and we love to hear from you!

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