Why Choose Farmer & Chemist?

Be Confident in Farmer & Chemist

Starting a pharmacist-run, chemist-developed premium regimen means you’re getting a more pure, higher concentration, zero THC product at a low competitive price. Farmer & Chemist has a pharmacist, pharmacy interns, and pharmacy technicians on staff ready to educate patients on CBD. Farmer & Chemist always defers to your physician and can provide CBD information to them, upon request.
THC Free

Farmer & Chemist is one of the only CBD pharmacies to offer true THC free products that are Department of Agriculture Compliant. Though benefit can be derived from low levels of THC in some cases, Farmer & Chemist’s specially formulated cannabinoid rich products can give an effective and enjoyable THC free experience. Ask our in house pharmacists which products are right for you.
Testing & Safety

Every batch of products are tested at the raw plant, extracted ingredient, and final product level. This commitment to scientific rigor ensures that the product you are taking is exactly what the Certificate of Analysis says it is. Check the QR code on each package to see what is in your exact product.
Field to Formulation

By employing bioanalytical chemistry in our formulas, we are able to produce products that are effective, with precise concentrations and dosages. Each product is tested and certified for each and every batch. You can be sure that the Certificate of Analysis (COA) findable through the information on our packaging is certifying the exact batch contained within. By understanding the genetic properties of the plants used for extraction, our chemists are able to select specific cannabinoids for each treatment. Ask our in store experts about these specific cannabinoids.
What is Premium Grade?

Premium grade products offer precise formulation in order to deliver an exact dosage. Our expert knowledge and meticulous formulation provides higher quality product suited to your needs.